The Quarterly Magazine (ISSN 1832-3456)

The federation starts to distribute the independent hard copy quarterly publication "Aust CaiHongYing" since it is found at the end of  2007, and has success published and distributed 12 edition (till Oct 2007) of the printed quarterly magazine "Aust Cai Hong Ying" (ISSN 1832-3456).

The internet publication has been collected by the PANDORA Archive of National Library of Australia (NLA07/3309). The Library will catalogue our publication and add the record to the National Bibliographic Database (a database of catalogue records shared by over 1,100 Australian libraries), as well as to our own online catalogue. This will increase awareness of your publication among researchers using libraries.

The magazine content take literature as foundation and covering:

  • away from home stories,

  • goes all over the world,

  • the society hundred condition,

  • the dear ones of family,

  • the mind incessant chatter,

  • discussed the ancient of the analects,

  • viewing the worldwide,

  • the joke and humorously,

  • contents and so on literature world,

  • love marriage and affinity,

  • mirage, etc.

The publication affected area broad, the content rich, the readability strong like all flowers blooms together, hundred school of thought contends the work.

The quarterly publication released to world-wide world five continents, already on time and success has distributed 12 issues till the present, it has become one of the most influential pure literature quarterly publication in Australia and New Zealand. 

Every edition of magazine are sent to National Museum Of Modem Chinese Literature in BeiJing, National Library of Australia in Canberra,  major libraries of Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, and some other countries libraries, etc. The magazine are purchased by some Australian school regularly to put in the school libraries.

The following is all of the covers of the printed quarterly magazine "Aust Cai Hong Ying".

《澳洲彩虹鹦》第十二期封面 《澳洲彩虹鹦》第十一期封面
《澳洲彩虹鹦》第十期封面 《澳洲彩虹鹦》第九期封面
《澳洲彩虹鹦》第八期封面 《澳洲洲彩虹鹦》第七期封面
《澳洲彩虹鹦》第六期封面 《澳洲彩虹鹦》第五期封面
《澳洲彩虹鹦》第六期封面 《澳洲彩虹鹦》第五期封面
《澳洲彩虹鹦》第四期封面 《澳洲彩虹鹦》第三期封面
《澳洲彩虹鹦》第四期封面 《澳洲彩虹鹦》第三期封面
《澳洲彩虹鹦》第二期封面 《澳洲彩虹鹦》创刊号再版封面
《澳洲彩虹鹦》第二期封面 《澳洲彩虹鹦》创刊号再版封面